Mercedes Becker Map Pilot repair service

If you have some problems with Mercedes Becker Map Pilot navigation you’ve come to the right place. Your Becker doesn’t start, PC doesn’t recognize plugged device or you just need a map update? Visit Us at Naviteam in Szczecin.

We have expanded our offer with the Mercedes Becker Map Pilot navigation repair service. We are perfectly handling this popular navigation problems such as a problem with detecting the device in the car or when connected to a computer. The latest map of full Europe is available for those devices.

For most of the problems, we just need the Becker Map Pilot device.
We have a service installation, thanks to which repairs and tests are carried out without need for connecting the device in the car. When you are far away from us, nothing is lost – the device can be sent to us by post or courier and after repair we will send it back to your address. Remember to include address details with the telephone number and a description of the problem which we need to take care of.

Navigation Becker Map Pilot can be found in the following Mercedes models:

Model series A-Class

  • W176 (09/12-08/15)


Model series B-Class

  • W246 (11/11-10/14)


Model series C-Class

  • C204 (06/11-11/15)
  • S204 (03/11-08/14)
  • W204 (03/11- 02/14)


Model series CLA

  • C117 (04/13-06/16)


Model series CLS

  • C218 (01/11-08/14)
  • X218 (10/12-08/14)


Model series E-Class

  • A207 (05/13-08/17)
  • A207 (03/10-04/13)
  • C207 (05/13- )
  • C207 (05/09-04/13)
  • S212 (04/13-09/16)
  • S212 (11/09 – 03/13)
  • V212 (07/10-05/13)
  • V212 (06/13-08/16)
  • W212 (04/13-03/16)
  • W212 (03/09 – 03/13)


Model series GL-GLS

  • X166 (11/12-02/16)


Model series GLA

  • X156 (03/14-04/17)


Model series GLK

  • X204 (06/12- )


Model series M-GLE-Class

  • W166 (/11-08/15)


Model series SLK-SLC

  • R172 (03/11-03/16)
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