Mercedes Audio 20 NTG 5.5 Navigation

Mercedes-Benz Audio20 NTG5.5 navigation is a device in which the card placed in the reader activates all navigation functions of the device. To start navigation for the first time, you need a starter card (initial, full card). Only after that you can use the update card. The device supports the LiveTraffic service, i.e. information about traffic jams. The installed SIM card in the Hermes module allows you to stay connected online and receive information in real time. The service provider is TomTom (detailed description in another article on our website).
Until 2021, the service was enabled/extended by a new, original SD card with maps. From 2022, the only way to purchase/extend LiveTraffic is through the portal.
The inclusion of in cars from the US market is not possible at the moment

For navigation we suggest:

– the latest maps of all Europe
– original SD initialization cards with maps available for starting navigation from 85 Euro in our store
– fixes: does not start, does not load navigation, no FM coverage, no sound, freezes during operation
– conversion from USA to Europe: Polish language, waves (frequencies) FM to Europe, map of Europe
– read AntiTheft PIN

Navigation includes in models:

– Class C

– E-class