BMW Display Key Repair

Not as far as a decade ago, saying that “my key display is broken” didn’t make much sense but since then, car remote keys with touch display were made available. BMW Key display gives users a few useful features such as checking vehicle status, remote AC management or even launching a remote parking function.
As those features are very convenient and useful, they create a certain risk. After a few years of touch display phones on the market we know that it takes only a second of distraction for our touch display to become similar in looks to a spider web.


Remote key display replacement can be expensive and because of that we have a better solution. Our company provides repair service of broken BMW remote key displays. Replacement parts that we use for those repairs are genuine original BMW parts – we do not use 3rd party replacement parts.


Your touch panel is scratched or shattered?

We’ll replace it with a genuine original new one.

Spilled screen?

We have plenty of replacement parts and repair takes only a minute.

Key case is scratched or broken?

We’ll choose the correct one for your BMW key display model.

Battery doesn’t last as long as before?

We’ll replace it with a new one.


We are able to resolve the above problems and many others as long as your key main electronic board is still working. Your BMW key display is permanently assigned to one car and we are unable to change that. This information is stored in main electronics so as long as it is intact we can replace everything else.

We do not code or re-code BMW key displays or any other remote keys. Working electronics are essential for your BMW key display to work with your car.

Our repair supports all available BMW key displays remotes from all parts of the world

In addition to repair service we have whole new keys available in stock for many regions such as Europe, USA or Japan.

This offer includes both Parking and non-parking models of the BMW Display Keys

How much it costs?

The cost varies between 129-229 EURO depending on the key model. To determine the exact costs, we need two pieces of information:
– battery capacity
– does your remote key supports remote parking function

The battery capacity can be read from it. How to get to it is shown in the video below.




Popular BMW DIsplay Key part numbers:

BMW without Parking Function BMW with Parking Function