Mercedes Becker Map Pilot repair service

Navigation repair Mercedes Becker Map PilotMercedes Becker Map Pilot navigation repair with a one-year warranty is available in our store.

If you have a problem with Mercedes Becker Map Pilot navigation, you’ve come to the right place because navigation repair is quick and hassle-free. After a few days (not weeks!) you will enjoy working navigation in your car.

Your navigation does not start? The computer doesn’t detect it? Just want to update your maps to the latest available version?

We invite you to SCS NaviTeam at ul. Kruszwicka 14 in Szczecin, Poland.


Navigation repair Mercedes Becker Map PilotWe have extended our offer with the Mercedes Becker Map Pilot GPS navigation repair service.

We perfectly deal with the popular problems of these navigations, such as the problem with detecting the device in the car or when connected to the computer. The latest maps of all Europe are available for working devices. This is not a problem for us – We invite you to SCS Naviteam for Mercedes becker Map Pilot navigation repair .

For most problems, the Mercedes Becker Map Pilot GPS device is all we need to perform successful repair. We have a necessary service installation, so repairs and tests are carried out without the need to connect the device in the car. When you are far from us, nothing is lost because the device can be sent to us by courier and we will send it back to the provided address after the repair is completed. Remember to include your address details with the telephone number and a description of the fault that we are supposed to deal with.

Mercedes Becker Map Pilot navigation repairAre you determined to fix it?

By following this link, you can use our online store through which you can order repair of your device.
Buy and pay for the service and then send us the broken module. We will take care of the rest, thanks to which in a few days you will have working navigation in your car again. We ship worldwide!

Becker Map Pilot navigation systems can be found in the following Mercedes models:

A-Class W176 (09/12-08/15)
B-Class W246 (11/11-10/14)
C-Class C204 (06/11-11/15)
S204 (03/11-08/14)
W204 (03/11-02/14)
CLA C117 (04/13-06/16)
CLS C218 (01/11-08/14)
X218 (10/12-08/14)
E-Class A207 (05/13-08/17)
A207 (03/10-04/13)
C207 (05/13- )
C207 (05/09-04/13)
S212 (04/13-09/16)
S212 (11/09 – 03/13)
V212 (07/10-05/13)
V212 (06/13-08/16)
W212 (04/13-03/16)
W212 (03/09 – 03/13)
GL-GLS X166 (11/12-02/16)
GLA X156 (03/14-04/17)
GLK X204 (06/12- )
M-GLE-Class W166 (/11-08/15)