Mercedes-Benz NTG6 MBUX Navigation


The device was first used in the A-class W177 in 2018. Then installed in all models. It is available in several hardware versions:

Entry codes SA 546 or 547. Basic functionalities
MID code SA 548. Ability to run navigation on a hard drive
HIGH code SA 549 or 550. Ability to run navigation on the hard drive, supports additional cameras for augmented reality (augmented reality display), supports dash cameras, watch videos, supports AMG Track Pace.

The mere possession of the device does not mean that we can use its full functionality. Some functionalities must be purchased on the portal (hard disk navigation, AndroidAuto and CarPlay, LiveTraffic). In cars from the American market, you can enable all functionalities when replacing the device with a new one.

For NTG6 MBUX we offer:

– the latest maps of all Europe
– repair NTG6: doesn’t start, black screen, doesn’t load navigation, no FM coverage, no sound, hard drive replacement
– conversion from USA to Europe: Europen language, FM frequencies from US to Europe, map of Europe
– enable CarPlay and AndroidAuto
– deactivation of the Start/Stop function (after proper programming, the car remembers the last state whether the function was on or off. In the standard, START/STOP is always ON after switching the ignition on again)
– enable the AMG menu in the instrument cluster: information about the coolant temperature, engine oil temperature, gearbox oil temperature in off-road vehicles, the amount of fuel remaining in liters, the AMG logo at start, etc.
– read AntiTheft PIN


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