VW DYNAUDIO AMP600 – amplifier repair

DYNAUDIO is a high-end sound system that was installed in Volkswagen cars. Unfortunately, even the equipment from the higher price shelf are not immune to certain problems. A frequent problem with this sound system is the failure of the AMP600 amplifier. It can completely discharge the battery. If you had such a problem in your car, it is worth diagnosing it. Repair of this element can be much cheaper than replacing it with a new one.

Dynaudio amplifiers struggling with this problem were installed, among others, in the Passat B6, Passat B7, Passat CC models and had the following part numbers:

  • 3AA035456A
  • 3AA035456B
  • 3AA035456C
  • 3C0035456H
  • 3C0035456J
  • 3C0035456L
  • 3C8035456C
  • 3C8035456E
  • 3C8035456F
  • 3C8035456G
  • 5K7035456
  • 7E0035466
  • 7L6035466