Mercedes Garmin Map Pilot – always latest maps

Garmin Map Pilot navigation is very popular in Mercedes cars. Garmin is a leader in the GPS navigation market and is known above all for sensational car, sea and other navigation devices using this technology. No wonder that they became a supplier of maps and software for most models of cars under the sign of the silver star. In addition to typical navigation functions, the device uses the Live Traffic system, which is able to keep us informed about the situation on our route. Thanks to this, e.g. in the case of traffic jams, we can plan a detour along a different route or stop at a convenient place for us. To use this function, in addition to navigation, we need to have a dedicated module in the car.

Just like in the case of portable navigations, here also new versions of maps appear periodically, which include updates of the road layout, list of gas stations and parking lots, as well as many other useful points POI.
A new version of the map is released on a new SD card. The only thing that remains for the user after buying a new map is to replace the card with a new one.

Unfortunately, as you would expect from the brand – original cards in showrooms reach dizzying prices. Fortunately, there is Naviteam, where you will find original maps at much more affordable prices.

In our offer you will always find the latest available versions of Garmin Map Pilot navigation maps with Live Traffic service for 3 years.

Are you interested in a new map or update? You have no navigation but have you heard that all you need is a map? Your car is Garmin Ready? Send us the VIN of your vehicle and we will check what exactly you need and we will choose the right map for your car. If you do not have navigation, nothing is lost. Some vehicles have all navigation equipment and the only thing missing is map cards.